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"KCF is a technology development company with the capability to solve challenging problems in our five core technical focus areas, including Underwater Navigation and Devices"

For VideoRay users, KCF provides the Smart Tether, a non-acoustic ROV and tether position tracking system. It does not require additional transponders and can be deployed almost instantly.

KCF Technologies Smart Tether

The KCF Smart Tether is a complete position tracking and navigation system that requires zero additional deployment time because it is part of the tether. Using nodes spaced along the tether, the system can calculate the location of the ROV to within several feet. In addition to tracking the ROV, the Smart Tether can also provide the location of the tether. Both visual and sonar coverage can be charted in real-time and exported to mapping applications.

This equipment is optional and may not be included in all VideoRay Pro 4 configurations.

KCF Technologies Accessories

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