Accessories by Tritech International

"Tritech specialises in high performance acoustic sensors, sonars and applications for professional underwater markets, remaining an industry leader in sensors and tools for Remotely Operated Vehicles."

For VideoRay users, Tritech provides two different types of sonars. Both systems' topside components can be built into the control panel to eliminate the need to carry additional components or connect cables.

Additionally, Tritech offers the Micron Nav acoustic position tracking system and the Micron Echosounder for depth or altimeter measurements to the sea floor.

Tritech Gemini Multibeam Imaging Sonar

The Gemini imaging sonar creates an image similar to a medical ultrasound. The fast image update allows the ROV pilot to navigate using the sonar image.

Tritech Micron Scanning Sonar

The Micron scanning sonar creates images using the traditional circular sweep arm that repaints the scene with each revolution.

Tritech Micron Nav

The Tritech Micron Nav position tracking system is a USBL (Ultra Short Baseline) acoustic tracking systems that offers quick deployment of one USBL station and a mobile station mounted on the ROV. The system offers a variety of tracking modes and support GPS integration.

Tritech Micron Echosounder

The Tritech Micron Echosounder can be used as an altimeter to measure the height or altitude of the ROV off of the seafloor, or for distance measurements to other remote subsea objects

This equipment is optional and may not be included in all VideoRay Pro 4 configurations.

Tritech International Accessories

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