Piloting in Low Visibility

When piloting in low visibility, there are several techniques that can be used to help you navigate to your objective or find and observe your target.

  • Rather than navigate underwater to the target, navigate on the surface to a point above the target and try to drop down on the target. If you can operate above the target in a vessel, you can drop a weighted line and follow the line to the bottom.

  • Do not always assume more light will help - you may find that you can pick up shadows of objects from ambient light alone.

  • Switch the main camera to Black and White mode. The Black and White mode has a lower lux rating.

  • Use the DSS mode of the main camera to enhance the video image in low light situations. This method will reduce the frame rate, so it may not work while moving, but if you can set the ROV on the bottom or against a hull, you will be able to see in near darkness.

Depending on the objectives, depth and distance, low visibility may require an accessory like the LYYN visibility enhancement system, sonar and/or a position tracking system.

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