Video Recording

Video recordings can be captured using the record button on the hand controller. Pressing the button starts the recording. Pressing the button a second time stops the recording.

When recording is active, the video window title bar will display the word "Active" and a red circle will flash in the upper left hand corner of the video. If the microphone is not muted the word "AUDIO" will flash as well. The red circle and word "AUDIO" will not be recorded. The video window title bar will also display the size of the recording and number of recordings captured during the current session.

Video recordings will include any text overlay that is active while the video is being recorded. The camera menu will also be recorded if it is active while the video is being recorded.

Snapshots can also be captured while video recording is active.

Video recordings are saved in Windows .WMV (Windows Media Video) format and stored in the VideoRay\Imagery\ folder, which can be found in the computer account user's documents folder (Documents\ for Windows 7, or My Documents\ for Windows XP).

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